2004 - 2021

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the closing of London Music Club. The building has been sold and the closing date is Sept. 15. Seventeen years has gone by in a flash. But looking back at the events and shows that we hosted I can say that each evening was special in its own way. The creativity and passion of the artists and the personalities of the patrons began to change the atmosphere of a once empty room into an artistic space where dreams could be expressed. Being a part of and encouraging people to express their musical talents and to feel the joy of sharing that talent has been a great joy for me. It’s been amazing to book and then catch the shows of some of Canada’s greatest artists and to be able to share that in the intimate LMC space with other music lovers. Many of you came to be regulars at our shows and that was the best compliment you could give us. We were proud to host many artists on a regular basis over the years. Like you, LMC was their place to go. The club is the artists, patrons and the music. Janice and I will forever miss and be grateful for the chapter of our life that was the London Music Club, but are also excited to begin the next chapter in this precious life. As Neil Young said “Comes a Time.” I’m looking forward to making more music, travelling and spending time with our ever-growing family, and Janice and I will be there at the other fantastic venues in London, adding to their atmosphere with our enthusiasm for the music we love. Many of you have become good friends and we’ll be looking for a spot at your table.

Comes a time when you're driftin', comes a time when you settle down

Comes a light, feelings liftin', Lift that baby right up off the ground

Oh, this old world keeps spinnin' 'round, it's a wonder, tall trees ain't layin' down, there comes a time

Comes a time

We will cherish memories we have of wonderful evenings with great music and of the people who really are the stars. Music lovers who became family and friends. The musicians who shared their talent and passion. Our members and volunteers who believe in the Power of Music, our staff over the years who represented us so well and made the work fun. Most recently Cody and Taylor and my brothers Kevin and Cam, thank you for keeping things running smoothly in the last couple of years. Dave Taylor, you were with me from the start and you did it all… and all so well. We know we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to our families who were more support than they could ever know. We could go on and on but all we have to say to all who made London Music Club what it was, is THANK YOU!!!

Hope to see you soon,

Pete and Janice Denomme